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Mission Statement

VNTU International operates in the world of education and supports the community of Vietnamese teachers in their literary works on scientific research, skills development, and educational activities.

Organisation Profile

Name in English: Global Federation of Vietnamese Teachers Unions –

Name in French: Fédération Internationale des enseignants vietnamiens –

Name in Vietnamese : Liên Đoàn Giáo chức Việt Nam Toàn Cầu.

Creation date: Oct 1, 2020

International Secretariat: Dr. Anh Tho Andres-Kammler (Sec. Gen.), Dr. Hoang van Khan (Treasurer), Mrs. Michelle Duong Thi Phuong Hang (Vice-President).

Special Advisor: Prof. Dr. Christoph Stückelberger.

Location: c/o Geneva Agape Foundation, 150 Rte de Ferney, CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland 

Legal Structure

Association as described under Swiss Civil Code Art. 60 et ss.

Languages: E/F/D/V

Working Team

The International Secretariat supports the registration process of new members and partners.

Our projects are run in collaboration with our  project partners, led by a Team leader.

We work with:

  • International Foreign Universities who are looking for partnership with local training institutions;
  • Training Institutions who are looking for opportunities to implement international programs with a foreign partner;
  • Teaching Professionals who need Academic Support and Program Management services for their teaching activities.

Membership to VNTU International

In the space dedicated to our members, you can watch out for announcements on new partnerships, job opportunities, scholarship and training opportunities, events in the world of education.

VNTU International Head Office in Geneva

VNTU Partnership Agreement with Geneva Agape Foundation was signed on the auspicious date of 12 February 2021, the first day of Lunar New Year to inaugurate the Geneva International Secretariat Head Office.